Filter Large Volumes Quickly


Polyethylene funnels with your choice ofFritware® or Perforated filter plate. Removable hose barbed connector accepts 12.7mm (1⁄2") I.D. tube and threads into 3⁄4" NPT bung on the funnel.


Fritware® Porous Filter Plates


FIXED or REMOVABLE porous filter plate supported by a multiple ring grid. Filter plates are made of high density polyethylene, 6.4mm (1⁄4") thick, with a non-porous ring at the periphery of the plate which seals filter paper when used. Available in two porosities (medium and coarse). Medium porosity plate
is 45-90 microns; coarse porosity plate is 90-130
microns. Use below 52ºC (125ºF).


Perforated Filter Plates


Available with a FIXED or REMOVABLE perforated filter plate made of 4.8mm (3⁄16") thick high density polyethylene (HDPE) with 4.8mm (3⁄16") perforations on 11mm (7⁄16") centers. The FIXED version is for coarse filtration or use with a cloth or paper filter. A REMOVABLE filter plate is available for use in precious metals recovery. Use below 52ºC (125ºF) Large diameter 24" and 36" sizes (next page) are crated for shipment



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